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Ron Breazeale, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience in the fields of mental health and alcohol and drug abuse treatment. He is the author of Reaching Home: a Novel about Conquering Fear, CrisisTapes: A Self-Paced Learning Program in Crisis Intervention, The Maine Guide to Relaxation and Stress Management, and numerous other papers. Dr. Breazeale's clinical orientation is primarily cognitive behavioral.
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Loren Bush, Psy.D. received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University New England. Dr. Bush has experience working with children, families, adolescents and adults presenting with a multitude of clinical issues. He provides individual, and family therapy in the private sector. Dr. Bush values the collaborative nature of therapy and utilizes a wide range of treatment approaches to best meet the needs of each client. Additionally, Dr. Bush has a professional interest in Sport and Performance Psychology, where he enjoys working with individuals in efforts to enhance personal performance by fostering the mental skills necessary for optimal success.

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Allison Collins, Psy.D. treats a broad range of clients ranging from adolescents to older adults, as well as couples/marriage counseling and blended families. Her approach is eclectic, drawing from a humanistic theoretical orientation while integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Solution Focused interventions. Areas of special interest include anxiety, depression/mood disorders, grief and loss, adjusting to life transitions, interpersonal relationships, and chronic illness. Incorporating compassion, humor, with non-judgmental authenticity contributes to Dr. Collins' ability to help her clients help themselves

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Art DiMauro, Ed.D., LCSW has worked in human services for over 40 years with a special interest in families and individuals of all ages dealing with life problems, particularly families dealing with the struggles of adolescence, dysfunctional young children, adults dealing with grief, depression, anxiety and panic, and couples facing problems in their relationship. Art approaches his work with an emphasis on the client's strengths and experiences, careful planning and rational decision making.

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Margery Goldberg

Margery I. Goldberg, L.C.S.W. has 28 years of experience working with adults, teenagers, and couples. She provides a safe and heart-centered environment for people to explore whatever interferes with their ability to live the life that they want to live. Her experience covers a wide range of issues including relationships, parenting, adoption, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, chronic pain, and grief. Her approach is eclectic including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused, Experiential, Relational, Interpersonal, Family, Humanistic and Complementary therapies.

Contact: 207 773-7993 ext 42

Carolyn Holbrook, LCSW, LADC has worked with many adolescents, adults, and families who are trying to outgrow hurtful beliefs and patterns of behavior, helping them to find their personal roads to recovery and healing. Her therapy most often centers on co-occurring issues. She is well experienced in trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mood disorders, substance abuse and, as she likes to call it, "Recovery from Life Issues". Carolyn's approach is natural and humanistic, drawn from years of study, a style created for self-exploration and comfort.

Contact: 207-773-7993, ext. 23

Alisia Ives, MS, LCPC works with adult and teenage individuals. You identify what ails you, and we establish a goal(s) you would like to achieve. To do this we work with how you interact with yourself and your world; your story, thoughts and feelings. Interests include gaining more satisfaction in life, life transitions, sadness, anxiety, finding meaning, relationship issues, communication, living an aware life, and maintaining achievements. Have training and experience with substance issues, work with this as peripheral to issues.

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Eric Johnson, LCPC works with adults and teens. His specialties include overcoming many types of anxiety, including test anxiety. He tailors therapy to meet each individual's needs and goals, with cognitive and narrative perspectives. In addition to therapy he offers test prep coaching services, as described at

Contact: 207-773-7993, ext. 21

Elise C Magnuson, Psy.D. has extensive experience working with people as they address issues with depression, anxiety, abuse, relationships, and "women's issues." She also has expertise in assessments, particularly forensic assessments, risk assessments, and psychosexual assessments. With a warm, non-judgmental attitude, she is able to help a wide range of people figure out what the next step is, whether that involves court decisions or helping life be better.

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Quynn Morehouse, Psy.D., received her doctoral degree from Antioch University New England in 2010. She provides individual therapy to adolescents and adults. Her therapeutic approach strongly emphasizes the importance of an empathic, warm, non-judgmental, positive stance towards her clients. She believes that no one approach or technique works for everyone, rather an individualized treatment approach made in collaboration with her clients is best. Specifically, Dr. Morehouse's eclectic approach draws from Rogerian, narrative, solution focused, interpersonal, cognitive behavioral (CBT), as well as motivational interviewing strategies. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, running with her golden retriever, and snowboarding.

Contact: 207-773-7993, ext 26, email:

Julien T. Perille, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who works with a broad range of clients ranging from adolescents to older adults, and specializes in anxiety based disorders. Dr. Perille draws from a client centered and interpersonal approach to therapy, and uses empirically validated treatments to help guide interventions. He emphasizes a collaborative approach, working with clients to establish realistic goals and assisting them in moving towards the change they seek. In addition, Dr. Perille has experience with behavioral medicine including clinical hypnosis to treat stress-related illnesses and assist individuals in changing behaviors. Dr. Perille provides treatment in English, French and Spanish.

For more information or to setup an appointment now, please visit Dr. Perille's website at or PsychologyToday profile. Contact: 207-773-7993 ext. 18

Jason R. Ronco, M.S., L.C.P.C.C.  I work with adolescents and adults who are having challenges with intimacy, men’s issues, crushes, co-dependency, assertiveness/communication skills, internet addiction, and other addictive behaviors.  In addition, I counsel those experiencing grief, complicated grief, change/transition, and loneliness. As a member of the lgb constituency, I understand the myriad of unique challenges being lgb brings to individuals and their families. As a survivor of suicide loss, I have experienced and healed from this major, life changing experience. It is a multi-layered grief process. I treat clients facing sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, xenophobia and islamophobia. I utilize an eclectic blend of treatment including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Contradictions/Paradoxical Questions. Our environment, past and present, plays a large role in shaping our personality and distresses.  Humans are amazingly resilient and given the opportunity, do recover and thrive after any hardship. We are all born with an innate ability to heal our hurts and through that, regain our zest for life. I look forward to accompanying you on your healing process. PsychologyToday link.

Contact: 207-773-7993, ext. 16, or email:

William Sandberg, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and candidate in adult psychoanalysis who works with clients ranging in age from mid-adolescence through adulthood. His areas of specialty include treating depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. Dr. Sandberg uses a contemporary psychoanalytic approach to treatment combined with more directive interventions when appropriate. He provides individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, conducts psychoeducational evaluations, and consults with college or college bound students on learning disability issues and concerns.

Contact: 207-773-7993, ext. 12


Jerry Sapan, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist with many years of experience in the mental health field. He works primarily with adults and adolescents. He uses cognitive, humanistic, and psychodynamic approaches spiced with humor and compassion. Dr. Sapan provides weekday and weekend sessions for individuals, groups and families

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Faith Sheehan, LCSW, CCS traces her therapeutic work back to 1981. She sees her work as assisting people in making important and meaningful transitions in their lives while learning to cope with the unavoidable issues of grief and loss that we all face over time. Her work is with emotional problems, addictions, family support, and domestic abuse. She is often described as non-judgmental and perceptive with a good sense of humor. She knows that productive counseling relationships are built on respect and trust.

Contact: 207-773-7993, ext.14

Jim Weaver, Ph.D. is a licensed Psychologist with over 30 years experience assisting adults, adolescents, couples and families with life, work and relationship issues. His approach is eclectic, drawing on numerous models with strong emphasis on humanistic theories, integrating the best of these into a flexible, effective approach designed to meet each person's needs. He emphasizes what is happening for the client in the here and now to achieve new understandings and a regeneration of energy, purpose and enjoyment.

Contact: or 207-773-7993, ext. 22

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